Went on a little shopping spree with one of my piggies I've been doing online sessions with for the past year. He is local and finally got the nerve to meet me and take me on a shopping. I love charging his card to any and everything I wanted. I had a friend meet us at the mall and made him buy her a few dresses. He was not allowed to speak to us (I wouldn't be caught dead walking with someone so pathetic) so he had to trail about 10ft behind us. But hey, we weren't that cruel, we  did allow him to carry our bags :-) I love my new Louboutins!

Want to be my new personal money slave?

A few of my current
money slaves have not been living up to the best of their abilities...so I am now accepting new ones. Many of you who frequent my blog may be wondering "How do I gain such an amazing privilege of serving Princess Kacey financially?"
Well first of all, You are to be polite when contacting a Goddess, you should be prepared to make a payment WITHOUT whinging, whining or making excuses. Even better is to make the tribute on contact of your own free will. Most Financial Dommes have a wish list, visit it and purchase a gift or send an e mail gift certificate or e mail gift card. It doesn't have to be a huge amount but it does show your devotion and that you are genuine NOT some silly fantasist.
If possible set up a monthly contract with me and make sure you have enough funds for it to go through, the aim is to make me happy and show you can be trusted. Even if its only $50 a month ...if that is all you can tribute from your budget provided & you do not let the Goddess down. You will reap the rewards in other ways.

Surprise gifts are another source of great joy for me. If its on my wish list it means its something I would like to receive.
One of the most important things to keep in mind is.....ACTUALLY READ THROUGH MY SITE! Dont just skim through the pics. I hate answering questions that are already answered here. So to sum everything up, if you wish to be my new pay pig...
1. Email me at PayPrincessKacey@gmail.com
2. Introduce yourself properly and respectfully. State exactly how you plan on contributing to my lavish lifestyle.
3. Attach some form of tribute....amazon gift card, niteflirt payment, greendot, etc.
This is the proper way to gain my attention :)

Up to doing my usual.... $$$$

Last weekend I went back to Vegas to drain my new favorite piggy Richard. We had an intense forced intoxication session and he blew over $6,000 while being in his drunken loser state of mind. He already had paid for my 7 day stay at the Bellagio. Did I mention I LOVE forced intoxication? I already had men wrapped around my pretty little finger, but to add vodka its like icing on the cake! I will be going back to drain some more of his pathetic ass in 2 weeks :)
This weekend I plan on going to Somerset (my favorite mall) and shopping my ass off. Pretty sure I will blow most of that money from loser Richard within the next 24 hours :)

Missing Summer...

I love Michigan. I love that I live by an awesome mall, abundance of restaurants and the hottest clubs. One thing I dont like? The fuckin snow! I hate cold weather. I hate slippin and sliding on the roads. I hate not being able to wear mini skirts and bikinis all the time. Im sooo ready for summer! Im seriously thinking about renting a place January and February every year in Miami. Looking at condos with monthly rentals as we speak!!

Going through my pics on my PC and found a bunch of pics from last summer....Dont I look cute? lol

Amazon...oh how I love you!

Woke up to $400 in amazon cards this morning!! Spent it all on some chanel sunglasses Ive been having my eye on. Amazing part, I dont even know who sent it. FYI: if you send me giftcards or $$$ let me know who you are!! Dont you understand that I want to drain your wallet EVEN MORE? Haha thanks anonymous bitch! :)

My weekend!

I had a kick ass weekend! Party hard with my girls and loved every minute of it. We went to a new club that just opened downtown. They have the best apple martini's!! After that we all went back to my house to dance and hang out. Didnt go to sleep till 6am. Woke up with a major hangover, but hell, it was worth it!

One of my favorite slaves...

Paul a.k.a Sissy "Jessica" has been tributing quite often lately. I must say that he is a good little piggy and knows his place. Just like a crossdressing sissyboy should. I have him wrapped around my little finger....Keep opening that wallet Pete! I absolutely adore your money and gifts!


So some loser called me on Niteflirt. As soon as I took the call he starting moaning saying he was about to cum, then hung up on me. Then he bought one of my vids. Then I see that he left me two 1 star ratings on niteflirt. Is this type of trolling usual there? Either way, I did enjoy spending his money, so oh well!! LOL He probably contacted me on messenger and got pissed off because I wouldnt get on cam till he tributed. Um, loser it doesnt work that way. My time costs money!

Buy My Photos!

Self Shot Photos with my sexy pink pasties! These are HOT! :-)

New Video Up!

Just added my first Vid to Niteflirt. Yayy, Im so excited. You guys have been asking me for vids like crazy so Im glad Im finally getting them uploaded. New ones should be up soon! :)

Draining Wallets...Again :-)

I had such a fantastic weekend! Loser Robbie (one of my devoted pay piggies) flew me and my girls out to Miami to be pampered. We stayed in his kick ass mansion and spent almost the entire weekend in the pool. He had food catered for us...and plenty of booze! We arrived at 9am on saturday to find it was a hummer limo waiting for us when we got off the plane. He treated us all like princesses the entire time. What did he get in return? Nothing! Well, he did get to watch a bunch of hot drunk girls make out in his pool and have a good time. Hey, I think thats repayment enough! :-)

Visiting San Diego...My Fav Spots!

Ok, I must admit as soon as I turned 21, I flew out to Cali to visit some close friends and immediately started checking out all the hot clubs/bars. A girl has to find out the who has the best apple martini...right? ;-) I got a hotel room downtown and it gave me direct access to fun, fun, fun! I love the luxurious feel of Envy at the Ivy Hotel. I was in the VIP area and I loved that the couches were all red satin.

Fleetwood is another goodie. Had many fun nights there with the girls. it wass fucking gorgeous there!

I also like the laid back atmosphere of Altitude Sky Lounge (in the marriott hotel downtown). Sway is more of a classy type spot, grown & sexy. They have the best champagne...hehe.

For some reason I really like Lucky D's Bar and Grill. Its really laid back and a cool place to get some beers and watch the game. You gotta try their fried pickels and shrimp poppers...yum yum!

Some of my favorite restaurants are TGI Fridays, Trattoria Acqua, Olive Garden, Island Prime, 333 Pacific, The corvette diner bar (that place is so cute), & Phil's Bar-B-Q!!

My BFF finally moved to Michigan!

I am sooo happy right now! My best friend Jamie moved back home to Michigan last week. She went away to college in Cali 4 years ago and had plans on staying out there, but found an awesome job in Bloomfield Hills so shes back home...whooohoo! Jamie has always been there during all the times I needed her most. She is the one that made me realize that nobody opinion mattered except for my own. Girls need friends like this in their life. Im so proud of what she's become!! :)

My Next Life

I want to live my next life backwards :

You start out dead and get that out of the way.

Then you wake up in a nursing home feeling better every day.

Then you get kicked out for being too healthy.

Enjoy your retirement and collect your pension.

Then when you start work, you get a gold watch on your first day.

You work 40 years until you're too young to work.

You get ready for High School : drink alcohol, party, and you're generally promiscuous.

Then you go to primary school, you become a kid, you play, and you have no responsibilities.

Then you become a baby, and then...

You spend your last 9 months floating peacefully in luxury, in Spa-like conditions - central heating, room service on tap, and then...

You finish off as an orgasm.

I rest my case.