Visiting San Diego...My Fav Spots!

Ok, I must admit as soon as I turned 21, I flew out to Cali to visit some close friends and immediately started checking out all the hot clubs/bars. A girl has to find out the who has the best apple martini...right? ;-) I got a hotel room downtown and it gave me direct access to fun, fun, fun! I love the luxurious feel of Envy at the Ivy Hotel. I was in the VIP area and I loved that the couches were all red satin.

Fleetwood is another goodie. Had many fun nights there with the girls. it wass fucking gorgeous there!

I also like the laid back atmosphere of Altitude Sky Lounge (in the marriott hotel downtown). Sway is more of a classy type spot, grown & sexy. They have the best champagne...hehe.

For some reason I really like Lucky D's Bar and Grill. Its really laid back and a cool place to get some beers and watch the game. You gotta try their fried pickels and shrimp poppers...yum yum!

Some of my favorite restaurants are TGI Fridays, Trattoria Acqua, Olive Garden, Island Prime, 333 Pacific, The corvette diner bar (that place is so cute), & Phil's Bar-B-Q!!