There is NOTHING I love more than receiving amazon gifts from my wishlist. If you want to get my attention, this is the best way to go! I listed the gifts by priority...always buy the ones listed "highest priority" first. Get the spending!

My Amazon Wishlist!

I also Looove getting Greendot MoneyPacks. This is my #1 preference of tribute. I can instantly receive your Cash this way.

Pick up a MoneyPak from the Prepaid Product Section and take it to the register. The cashier will collect your cash and load it onto the MoneyPak.You can add any amount from $20 to $500 onto a MoneyPak at most retailers. You can add up to $1,100 at Walmart. MoneyPak costs $4.95 or less. This is only available in the U.S. Once you get the card, activate it then give me the activation# so that I can load it to my card. (Most cards come activated already). 
Send moneypacks to

Click HERE for a Moneypack retailer near you.

I also take tributes via Niteflirt...