About Me

Hello Losers! My name is Kacey. Im from good ol' Michigan! I am a super bubbly, spontaneous, flirty, & non-stop thrill seeking lady!! People often refer to me as the "blonde energizer bunny"...haha! I love meeting new people, traveling, shopping, cooking, being on the water, working out, listening to music, dancing, video games, laughing, and basically enjoyin life. I have always had a fascination with spending money. Especially...other peoples money haha! Im definitely what you call high maintenance. I always expect the best of the best....and if you cant contribute to that, good luck keeping my attention. I can be a true sweetheart one minute, and a total bitch the next. I live a fast life, most can't keep up.

I have been into financial domination for a few years now. I also love training sissy boys, orgasm denial, chasity,  small penis humiliation and verbal humiliation. My favorite? Draining wallets! I love being able to fly wherever I want, shop where I want and do whatever I want. I live the life of a princess and wouldn't change it for the world.